oh Porto, Portugal


Ethics and Social Responsibilty

Based and manufactured in Portugal, we are a European based swimwear brand with a strong dedication to support the surroundings we love.

With the production here in Europe we try to secure the high quality standards we seek and off course, to push and ensure the local economics.

Knowing all our suppliers face to face and to know who and where our products are manufactured is a great feeling.

We believe in the power of great craftsmanship and therefor we are willing to pay more in all aspects but can be safe to meet the highest standards and quality aspects out there and keep our carbon footprint as low as we can.


Production of our Beachwear


With the use of the finest Italian Lycra we do not just ensure a high wearing comfort in and outside the water, we try to ensure an ethically correct way of manufacturing process. It is hard to always find a perfect way for everyone, but we try to find the best way and solutions for us to serve our visions of mother earth.


Production of our Beachwear