We care deeply about our planet and everyone involved, and this aspiration drives us to constantly improve to do good, be good and feel good.

Premium quality that lasts longer than just one summer

My goal is to create high-quality products that not only make you feel good, but also look stunning. In our constant pursuit of perfection and improvement, we work very closely with our manufacturers to ensure an ethical manufacturing process - from the source of the material to the final product. 


We know all of our manufacturers personally to ensure that the workplace is well-maintained and safe, and that the seamstresses are treated well.

Recycled and sustainable materials

When I launched my first swimwear collection, it was difficult to find the perfect recycled material that met all the quality aspects that are important to me.


I never stop researching and work very closely with material manufacturers. Today I can proudly say that we work with the highest quality recycled swimwear fabrics you can find to ensure a perfect fit, maximum comfort and a stunning look in every color. 


All the swimwear fabrics we use are produced and manufactured in Italy. In this way, our supply chain is much shorter compared to other swimwear brands, reducing our carbon footprint. 

Sustainable packaging

Being sustainable is not an option for me, it's an absolute must. It's not always easy, but I'm proud to say that we work every day to get better to reduce our environmental footprint. 


By using only recycled and compostable packaging and materials, such as reusable drawstring bags, we are trying every day to get closer to a more sustainable future. Thank you for helping us do this and playing a part by purchasing a Matia swimsuit. 

Of course, there are so many ways, different opinions and sure always a different solution, but we try and focus to stay in between our own magic and always seek to improve.

It is hard to always find a perfect way for everyone, but we try to find the best way and solutions for us to serve our visions of mother earth.

We are open and welcome your ideas and suggestions for improvement. So if you know something we don't know, feel free to send us an email